Welcome to 'The Music City'

Nashville is famously known as the hometown of country music and the birthplace of bluegrass. With deep roots in R&B and a vibrant pop and rock scene, this lively city offers an eclectic mix of entertainment, dining, cultural, and architectural attractions. It truly is a must-visit destination.

Explore Downtown Nashville

The downtown area of Nashville is bustling with activity. Broadway and 2nd Avenue are particularly lively, featuring a diverse array of entertainment venues, nightclubs, and restaurants. Just north of Broadway, you’ll find Nashville's central business district, Legislative Plaza, Capitol Hill, and the Tennessee Bicentennial Mall, all surrounded by stunning cultural architecture.

CMA Fest

Experience the iconic CMA Fest, where the best of country music comes together for a celebration like no other. With meet-and-greets and stages featuring top country artists, the CMA Fest is truly the ultimate experience for country music fans!

Experience the Best of Music and Culture

Nashville offers an array of nightlife, culture, and live music, perfect for enjoying the city's temperate climate year-round. Indulge in sensational food at fantastic eateries while listening to the best live music. Spend your days immersed in rich culture, discovering the hidden gems that Nashville has to offer.

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Fun Facts About Nashville

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